New ios 17 Features Leak and Supported Devices List


New ios 17 Features Leak – Today we will talk about Apple’s strange approach to Ai, a massive announcement for the iPad that makes it finally Pro, an update on Ios 16.5 and what to expect next week, why we might have just received our final Ios 17 leak, and much more. So, let’s start with the biggest surprise of 2023: Apple’s completely random announcement of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro coming to the Ipad this month.

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ios 17 supported devices List

The iPhone 14 14 plus 14 pro and 14 pro-Max. Okay, so the iPhone 14 lineup will definitely get Ios 17 support, which is a new device. Iphone 13 lineup will get Ios 17 support 100 guarantees. There’s no question about that. The iPhone 12 lineup, in my opinion, is 100 guaranteed. These iPhones will get Ios 17 support as well.

Then we jump over to the iPhones that start getting about three, four, five years old, and maybe five and a half. So we’re looking at the Iphone 11 Series, so the Iphone 11 Series, in my opinion, will 100 percent get Ios 17 support. It’s a fairly new device, very, very capable still.

Now then we jump into the iPhone uh, 10s, 10s Max, the iPhone 10r, the iPhone 10, the iPhone 8, the iPhone Se, second and third generation, of course. So let’s talk about the iPhone Se before we get to the older devices. Iphone Se, 2nd and Third Generation, in my opinion, will 100 get Ios 17 support.

And then we’re left with the iPhone 10s series, the iPhone 10r, the iPhone 10, the iPhone 8 series. These iPhones are a bit older on the list here, but I think there’s about a 90 chance that the iPhone 10s will get Ios 17 support.

So if you have an iPhone 10s and 10s, Max, I believe there’s at least an 80 to 90 chance that Ios 17 will also be coming to those devices. Well, So that’s a very, very high chance.

The same thing applies to the iPhone 10r, in my opinion. The iPhone 10r. should be getting Ios 17 support as well. Although this could be the last year for the 10r, I think the Ios 17 support will be here for these devices.

And then we jump over to the Iphone 10 and the Iphone 8. Now, Iphone 8 was released on September 22nd of, 2017, and the Iphone 10 series was released on November 3rd 2017. So that puts us around the five-and-a-half-year mark of current software support.

It’s interesting to think that the iPhone 10 is getting old already when it just feels like the other day that Apple released this new face Id brand new generation of iPhones. Now the iPhone 10 is at the bottom of the list for Ios 17 support.

I think two things could happen here regarding the iPhone 8 and 10. These are the same processing power the iPhone’s differentiating factors, of course, Touch Id versus Face Id, but in terms of performance and everything like that, the chip inside the devices are pretty much the same. They’re about five and a half years of age now, and I think Apple could continue supporting these devices.

However, I give it about a 50-50 chance of these devices supporting Ios 17, the iPhone 8. Again, that includes the Iphone 8 plus, and the Iphone 10 could be dropped from the list this year of Ios 17 support. If we go by the previous history of five and a half to six years of current software support, you guys have it there.

Pretty much all devices supported by Ios 16 would be supported by Ios 17. And there’s a 50-50 per cent chance that the iPhone 8, a Plus and ten will make it this year with Ios 17.

This Changes the iPad forever! (Finally!!) May 23

This was announced as a press release on Tuesday morning, and man, oh man, is this a big deal. So we’ve been waiting on some actual Pro applications for the iPad for a long time, and now we finally have our first look at them. So Final Cut Pro does require the M1 Ipad Pro and later, just as expected, and Logic Pro only requires the A12 iPad and later.

Both of these will cost 4.99 a month or 49 a year, so there is no one-time fee as we have on Mac Os. Now I’ve seen many people complaining about the subscription model for Final Cut Pro, but you know to get to the 300 price tag we have on the Mac, you would need to use this for six years. So I see this as a good deal for fifty dollars a year.

And for this iPad version of Final Cut Pro, there are some awesome brand-new features we haven’t seen in the desktop version. Like the Fast Cut features with machine learning. It uses machine learning to cut out the blank spaces where you’re not talking. We also have the pro camera mode for shooting directly into the timeline.

You’re going to be able to draw on the screen onto the video with an Apple pencil and turn it into an animation like the string of text is going to be an animation.

I cannot wait to try that out. That looks awesome. And then we can cut out objects without a green screen, as we can start with Ios 16, where we can take the subject out of a photo, and there’s so much more included in Final Cut Pro. And then for Logic Pro, there’s an all-new sound browser, a pro mixer, professional instruments and effects, plugins, beat-making and production tools, and so much more.

Logic Pro for iPad May 23

And I guess that artists will start using this on the iPad. Kind of like their mobile Studio because I know a lot of producers love being on the go. Going to different cities with different artists and having Logic Pro on the iPad is a huge deal.

So a massive announcement for the iPad, and again, these come out on May 21, so I cannot wait! I will bring you guys a video, at least on Final Cut Pro, showing you how to use it so you know all the capabilities of the iPad version. And I’m excited that this isn’t just a one-to-one clone of the Mac version. I think it will be intuitive to be on an iPad.

Now We just mentioned machine learning with Apple, which leads us to the next topic: Ai and Apple.

Apple’s STRANGE Approach to AI

And they’re kind of strange approaches to the whole generative AI topic. And a few weeks ago, in my Apple Den newsletter, I talked about how Apple Engineers disagree on using Ai, but Tim Cook has also recently expressed cautious optimism about Ai. He’s saying that the technology has huge potential, but several issues need to be sorted out, which is a very Apple Tim Cook thing to say.

They want it to be perfect, but I think Ai will never be perfect. So I don’t see where Apple’s going with this. But anyways, he said we’ve made enormous progress integrating Ai and machine learning throughout our ecosystem, and we weaved it into products and features for many years. You can see that in things like fall detection and crash detection, and Ecg.

These things are not only great features, but they’re also saving people’s lives, And so it’s remarkable. And we view Ai as huge and will continue weaving it into our products on a very thoughtful basis. So all of that sounds great. But did you notice how Tim Cook did not mention Siri one time? This has me concerned for Ios 17; It makes me think that we won’t see any generative Ai from Apple this year.

Now I hope I’m wrong, but that’s kind of what this screams to me. I scream that Apple is still in the process of trying to make sure the AI will be accurate and not spit out wrong results. In my opinion, I’m not a professional. But in my opinion, AI is not supposed to be perfect. So if it’s not perfect, it’s not a huge deal. Apple continues to fall further behind, and worrying so much about perfection is a bad move.

iOS 16.5 RC tidbits

Also, this week, Apple released the Rc builds of Ios 16.5, watch, Os 9.5, Maco 13.4 and all the other operating systems. So we will see the final release, most likely on Monday this coming Monday; if not sometime next week, we will see those final releases. Now there’s not a new ton. We do have quite a few bug fixes. We did get that new Pride wallpaper.

Mac Os 13.4 also fixed that bug with content filters. So if you had any content filters that would lead to network connectivity issues, that has been fixed in the Mac Os 13.4. So, stay tuned for my What’s a new video coming out next week. But don’t expect any other kind of major features or changes with Ios 16 because Apple’s big Focus right now is, of course, on Ios 17, and we should see that first beta on it on June 5, right after the first day of the Worldwide Developers Conference concludes.

And speaking of Ios 17, we might have the final leak we will see before the Worldwide Developers Conference.

NEW Leaked iOS 17 Feature

And why do I say that? Well, it looks like the leaker got caught and got his Source fired. We’ll talk about that in a moment.

But here is the new leak, a new live activity on the lock Screen for Maps. So according to this leaker, this live activity for maps will have a seamless transition. When unlocking, you can view notifications over the map by swiping up. As usual, it will show most lock screen elements until unlocked, and allegedly you can minimize the map to the size of the music player on the lock screen and re-maximize it by tapping the activity.

So that last part is what I’m most excited about. Suppose this turns out to be true. Having Maps is like a little mini card on the lock screen; I think that’ll be awesome, so that all sounds interesting.

Why iOS 17 Leaks are now DONE! (Apple’s sting operation)

But even more interesting is that Apple ran a sting operation on this leaker, and he got caught. He got busted by Apple. He fell right into the Trap that Apple laid. So he deleted his Twitter account and then posted this on the Mac Rumors forums. He’s saying he won’t provide any more leaks because he got his inside Source at Apple fired from their job.

And by the way, he said his Source was his sister and also mentioned how Apple might take legal action against both of them. So he said that the bait that Apple gave was the Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro release dates. So Apple told this inside Source his sister, these release dates, this combination of release dates, and course, his Source. His sister passed the information on to him, who then posted it on Twitter.

And that’s how Apple found out who the leaker was. So they found out who the mole was because those release dates were wrong. Apple wanted to. You know, get the mole out of Apple and figure out who it was that was leaking this information.

But the thing is, those release dates were not just like a month or two off; they were way off. And that makes me kind of suspicious of this whole story. So it’s important to consider that this entire story could just be fabricated and made up, and it’s just maybe an elaborate method for Saving Face in case his leaks turn out to be wrong. But I guess we’ll find out which leaks are legit on June 5, but this whole story seems kind of us now.

GM to create better CarPlay?

It is moving on to some potentially big car play news. Remember how Gm recently made headlines for ditching can play in favour of creating their proprietary software? Well, people were not happy about this at all. Most were irate at this news. But Gm had something else up its sleeve because they just recently announced the hire of Apple’s former head of Icloud, Mike Abbott.

They hired him to run the software team for this proprietary car play competitor. So Abbott spent five years in charge of Icloud software at Apple and will now serve as Executive Vice President of Software and Report directly to the Ceo of Gm. So this sounds big, and it sounds like a Gm could develop something similar to car play.

But you have to remember that this software is said to be billed on Android Auto so that it will have many of the elements of Android Auto and not car play. So that makes me wonder if this hire is as big as it seems. But I guess time will tell, and I also want to talk about some recent app updates that you might find interesting.

Is WhatsApp spying on you?

So first off, is Whatsapp? So a Twitter user posted this, and it went viral. Elon Musk even responded, saying that Whatsapp was spying on his Android device and using the microphone in the background without their knowledge while they were asleep.

This has been confirmed to only be happening on some Android devices, so that it might be like an Android bug, but I want to bring it to your attention because it could also be happening on Ios. So if you want to check if that’s happening, just go into your settings, go to privacy and security and then go all the way down to the bottom to app privacy report and then here you’ll see data in sensor access.

If you tap on any of these, it’ll show if it’s using your microphone, your location, or your contacts. For example, App Store used my location 48 seconds ago, I used my contacts, or I accessed my contacts one minute ago. So it’s always good to check out this section occasionally to see and make sure no devices are accessing your microphone or camera without your permission.

We also have some updates for Twitter, so Twitter just announced that we now have encrypted Dms.

Twitter updates

There’s also a new feature where you can Dm reply to any message in a thread, not just the most recent message, and you could also use an emoji to react to that message.


and then coming soon will be voice and video chat from your handle to anyone on Twitter. So you’ll be able to talk to people anywhere in the world without giving them your phone number.

And then the Twitter bug related to circles where you can see tweets from inside people’s circles even if you’re not in that circle. That has also been fixed with the latest app update for Twitter. Now you can see if you’re not a Twitter user and prefer to use Mastodon, for example, which also just got a recent update with some nice new features.

Mastodon client (Ivory) update

It’s version 1.4 and has a completely redesigned media viewer that can show and hide alt text. You get a visible preview of media when creating alt text with Live tech support. There’s a new Behavior option to remind you if you forgot to add alt text. Open an Ivory is a new Safari extension. There’s a new sound when boosting a post and a new alternate app icon. There’s also a new update for Shazam, which now integrates with Apple Music Classical so that you can see this new version.

Other app updates

It says you can now open classical songs from Shazam in the Apple Music Classical app.

The Insta paper application just got updated with car play support, so if you go down to the version history, you can see version 8.3 introduced car play support. Now it’s easier than ever to listen to your articles in the car, and there are a couple of other changes there as well, but that’s a pretty big one to have car play support for Insta paper.

And if you have an Apple Watch, the Facebook Messenger application will soon be discontinued, so you’re not going to be able to use Facebook Messenger on the Apple Watch. Many applications seem to be losing support for the Apple Watch for whatever reason. So anyways, guys, there you have it. That is the latest in the world of Ios and software this past week.

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