How You Can Accelerate Your Personal Growth?


Well, everyone is looking for the answer to this question as the time is very short and your goals are never-ending. The list of desires is never going to end in your lifetime, as these keep on escalating after fulfilling one. Yes, so you need to have the secrets where & how you can accelerate your growth and at least fulfill those desires quickly, unless those have desires of going to the Moon & Mars. That might take a little longer time.  Keep reading and below you would find several points following which you would learn how you can accelerate your personal growth. It definitely would work on how diligently you follow them. So, let’s get started.

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  • Embrace being incorrect: As a human being we have a tendency to believe that we cannot do anything wrong. Whatever decision you have taken, might have been correct but has failed now to give you any result, so embrace the mistake, learn from it and move forward. The more quickly you learn to embrace those mistakes and learn from them, the more quickly you would progress.
  • Get out of your comfort zone: This is biggest disadvantage that we personally, when we set out to do something different which we have not been doing. Now you are used to lead your life in a certain way, you are used to doing your work in a certain way, but if you need to move ahead, you always need be a little different than others and for that surely, you need to embrace the change, do things going out of your comfort zone. It will make you mentally tough and help you in battle of your life ahead.
  • Be realistic: Now you decided to comfort zone and decided to take action, you need to be realistic while planning your goals. For an example if you decided at the age of 40 that you want to be a sportsman. There is no problem with that desire, but what is the realistic chances of you being succeeding there where you will be competing with very fresh and energetic people. So set yourself realistic goals and have your Do’s and Dont’s ready.
  • Be more curious: Everything that has been artificially created in this universe in the result of curiosity. So you can never undermine the value of being curious. Curiosity does not always mean, being like Newton and research about gravity. You can have curiosity in your workplace, in your day to day life and what not. The more curious you are, the more you will be learning and learning definitely helps in succeeding in  life. You can be curious about finance, law, marketing, sales, cooking, spending & anything for that matter and understanding those things will definitely help you in future.
  • Smarter company: This might sound bad, but the truth is that you would become like the person who you spend time with most. So the point is surround yourself with atleast 30% smarter people than you. These people not only helps you in increasing your knowledge and wisdom, but they can also give you various leads and networks which help you eventually in the long run.
  • Read failure stories too: We generally find motivational stories in the people who are successful, but we tend to forget that the person who is successful today has also committed mistakes in the past and we overlook that. Try to read through the failure history, it would give you some idea on mistakes that has already been committed and you shouldn’t commit them again.

These are the few pointers if you follow, will definitely help you in accelerating your personal growth. You won’t become a Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Mukesh Ambani overnight, but if you follow the game along, you would definitely be in the fast lane and see yourself improving day by day.

I hope you got some valuable piece of information. Do let me know if you have any questions below in the Comments.

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